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If you want an extraordinary life…You must take extraordinary measures.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard, painful or feel like a burden.

It also doesn’t mean you have to go through this alone.

It’s time for an overhaul. A shift. A major change.


In how…

  • You show up in the world. (NO more being afraid to be seen, understood or heard.)
  • You are treating yourself. (NO more sabotaging your efforts or questioning your abilities.)
  • You are conducting your business. (Business as usual is so out…it’s time to do something meaningful in the world but most importantly it MUST be meaningful to you.)


I want you to:

  • Have a life filled with those sweet, yet unforgettable moments. (Shhhhhh…the secret is YOU create them.)
  • Own a sustainable, fun business doing something you love and making the kind of money you were destined to make.
  • Face your fears and take the plunge (because leaping never hurt anyone).
  • Stop settling for the status quo. (Those people are boring anyway!)
  • Value your worth (both personally and professionally).


You may not realize it yet but YOU are AMAZING.



I see it. I feel it.

And I know that with some courage, clarity and consistent action you can get there.


So who am I?

I’m Kimberly Riggins (officially) but my middle name is Get Shit Done. (Go on…check out my birth certificate.)

What I do know is if you’ve read this far…I’m about to become your secret weapon.

I know having support, someone who BELIEVES in you, someone who will FIGHT just as hard for your dreams as you do, is half the battle.

Think of me as the Mickey to your Rocky. The gal in your corner, pushing you to go one more round. The one person who KNOWS you can do it, even if you don’t in that moment. (What can I say…I am HUGE ROCKY fan…just go with it!)

So, jump in the ring with me. Because “In the ring, the truth will always find you.”

And the TRUTH is fucking freeing. (Oh yeah, if you hate curse words, then I’m not your girl because I rarely have a filter.)


Let’s get to know each other. Wanna hang out with me + a camaraderie of kick-ass women (who I like to refer to as BossLadies)? Join us over on The BossLady Circle. And don’t forget to scoop up your money superpower assessment. It’s mind-blowing!


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I never thought I’d meet anyone who could keep up with the way I work, never mind surpass it. And yet that is exactly the gift I was given when my path crossed Kimberly’s. I came to Kimberly to help try to build my savings account. 4 weeks later, I had not only tripled my savings, I had a working understand of everyone’s role in my business, had improved my marriage, and was launching a new program I had not yet conceived when I started working with her. 4 WEEKS! Working with Kimberly is an investment that will pay for itself immediately and one you will never regret.

Lara Lee Eastburn

Within 90 minutes, Kimberly completely changed my life. She helped me finally understand my love-hate relationship with money – its cause, its consequences and more importantly, the big impact that changing my relationship with money will have not just in my business but also in my life.

I have no words for what Kimberly has done for me in that short session, I couldn’t believe how much value I got out of it.

In terms of results, concretely, working with her gave me the confidence to double my fees. Also, I have worked with a business coach in the past who helped me put together a 6-figure plan but I never felt worthy of this money and never felt like I could make it happen. Thanks to Kimberly, today I do.

Hire Kimberly today! She is the answer to your money’s biggest questions and pain points. Her services are worth ten times the investment. It’s more than mere sessions: it’s the celebration of who you are and the empowerment for who you are becoming.

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