Your Idea Is Not Original

Your Idea Is Not Original

“How dare she write about that….that was my idea!”

“Who does she think she is…she copied that from me.”

“This looks an awful lot like so and so…she must have copied.”


News flash sisters. That brilliant idea you just had. It’s NOT yours.

So if someone is teaching the same thing you are or promoting a similar idea, get over it! They have as much right to that idea as you do.

Because your ideas are NOT original.


Mark Twain quote


Now before you start using those colorful profanities, hear me out.


Yes, it’s ethically wrong to blatantly copy someone’s book word for word. And it’s NOT cool to swipe someone’s website copy and claim it as your own.

But having similar ideas is NOT stealing.

Think about it!

Facebook wasn’t the first social media site. Cover Girl wasn’t the first makeup company. And Apple certainly wasn’t the first computer.

They took a single idea and put their own mark on it. They added their own special twist.

So why do entrepreneurs get their panties in a bunch when two people are teaching similar social media strategies? Or when two coaches are using archetypes to help their clients uncover their brand? Or when others are using similar marketing strategies to promote a similar product?

It’s preposterous.

And it needs to stop.

So what should you do as an entrepreneur?

Put your blinders on. Take a “second hand” idea and put your innovative twist on it. And execute the hell out of it.

Because successful businesses aren’t built on original ideas.

They are built by creative innovators who are NOT afraid to put their mark on the world.

Are you ready to be one of them?

I could give you a few lame suggestions on how you can stand out with your “ideas.”

But I’m going to leave that up to you.

In fact, I double dog dare you to become the next trailblazer in your field.


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  1. Kendra Heath

    Absolutely right on! We are bombarded with so much information these days that it would be impossible to not have the same or very similar ideas as someone else. But you are so correct in that we have to put our own spin on things in order to make them original. Thank you for this!

  2. Heather Cottrell

    Unoriginally, I’ve been telling my clients this for years! I believe there’s a collective consciousness containing all the ideas there ever was or will be and there’s no sense worrying about it. You’re right about folks getting all bent over someone “copying” their idea, and I think even more often this concern keeps coaches stuck worrying that what they want to say has been said before, so they say nothing instead. I’ve been guilty of it myself sometimes, but it’s so freeing to read this as a reminder.


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