You’re working your ass off, day in and day out, creating amazing products and services that you know people need.

Yet you aren’t getting enough traction. Your potential clients aren’t listening to you. And you are tired of marketing shit that doesn’t sell. Because, you are exhausted. Your hustle is simply worn out.

You’ve followed the gurus, the 6 steps to success programs. Hell, you even hired a launch specialist and a marketing superstar but you’ve had little to no real success. As for your bank account…well, it’s downright depressing.

I know what you’re thinking.

You think something is wrong with you. Your services suck. Your programs have no value.

It’s probably time for you to just give up. To throw in the towel, call mercy and get a J.O.B. slinging lattes at your local Starbucks.

But before you do, listen up.

I’ve been in your shoes. In fact, a few years ago, everything you just read pretty much described my business.

I was running around with my head cut off trying to please everyone/get clients/market my services….with little to no success.

All that “knowledge” I paid for wasn’t working. And I was at my wits end.  When I started fantasizing about getting a job nearly every single day – the exact same type of job that I started my business to avoid, I knew something had to change.

I had a choice. I had to take dramatic action in my business or I would be going back to a J-O-B that sucked my soul dry.

So I started over. I cleaned the slate and went back to the very beginning. Which was that I’m obsessed with human behavior. Why do we do what we do when we do it? What drives us? What motivates us?

By turning my super sleuth on, it was only then I got really clear about my business. I took everything I’d learned from my money language to my personality type to the 4 human drives and found the clues I desperately needed to create MY business.

Finally I had a map to creating a business that was 100% me, and allowed me to serve my clients (and myself) the way I’d always planned.  The result? A business I actually love, working with clients who are doing simply awesome things in the world, and most of all, I no longer feel the need to be constantly looking for answers, because I already have everything I need to succeed on my terms.


What is Your Business DNA?

Think of your business DNA as the keys to your kingdom’s (i.e. your empire, small business) success. It starts with first UNDERSTANDING who you are. The real you. Not the online polished, highly cultivated, look at me, I am SO authentic version of you. But the real one. The one your sister and BFF know intimately.

From there, you learn how to:

  • Unearth your gifts…the ones you are meant to share with the world.
  • Market your services with heart using your strengths. You will rarely find a 5 step program that works because one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Use your selling personality so you can start asking for the sale with ease rather than feeling like a slimy salesperson. In fact, you won’t even feel like you’re selling because it will be natural to you and how you operate.
  • Figure out how to outsource more effectively focusing on the tasks that you love doing and the ones you are good at, not the ones you’d rather poke your eyes out before taking it on. (Doing everything yourself is not the answer.)
  • Structure your day and design your business model to compliment your lifestyle and business goals. (Running in circles just to feel busy does NOT equal success and we don’t want you working so hard that you burn yourself out either.)

Also, your business DNA can provide you with these valuable tools for your business:

  • Insights about your potential clients because you can’t assume they are exactly like you. Learn how their mind works faced with a buying decision, how they like to be sold to, how many times they must see something before they buy.
  • How to best speak to your perfect clients using their language and the key phrases they often say, so when they read your sales copy or your blog posts, they really think you are talking specifically to them.
  • Valuable information about what marketing strategies they love and the things you must offer them to get them to say YES.

The time of throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks is done. (After all, you’re building a business, not cooking spaghetti.)

When you’re done with Your Business DNA – you’ll have the knowledge and insight you need to create better services, programs and increase your business results.
This service is offered only one-on-one because your business DNA is unlike anyone else’s. Like a fingerprint or DNA helix, your business is one-of-a-kind, so even if you share the same qualities as someone else, they show up in a different way. In short, this is intense work that needs to be done in a small, intimate setting.

Working with Kimberly was a game changer.

On our very first call it was like she looked into my head and just got me. It was incredibly powerful to see how she could read me like a book using my archetypes and hone in on where I was struggling.

Maggie Patterson

CEO + Founder , Maggie Patterson Communications

Your Business DNA session includes:

  • Identifying your top three Money Archetypes (also known as Your Money Language) and learning how to unlock what makes YOU tick when it comes to your finances and your business.
  • Solving the puzzle of how to connect with your ideal clients so it’s like you are living inside their head.
  • Discovering the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income today so that you are sleeping more soundly at night and looking forward to the future of your business (and of course having more fun).
  • Understanding the strategies you should use in your marketing based on your personality traits and on what your clients want. (Score!)
  • Engaging your prospects using your selling personality so you show up as 100% you, eliminating the fear of asking for money for your services.
  • Finding the best business model for your empire so it feels aligned with your purpose and your core values.
  • Uncovering your areas of expertise so you can outsource the tasks that you shouldn’t be spending time on.

Here’s how Your Business DNA works:


We kick things off with some pre-work so I can get to know you and your business from the inside out.

Main Event

Then you and I will have a 90-minute session where we will dig deep into your business, leaving no stone unturned. Woot!



DNA Guide

Once your session is completed, I will create a personalized guide just for you offering suggestions on what marketing strategies you should use, where you can or should outsource, business model options and much more.

Follow Up

To make sure you put everything into action, we will have two 30-minute check-ins over the next 60 days to see how things are going and to make sure you’re not stuck.

Ready to unlock Your Business DNA?

To figure out how to create and run a business that’s all you – with no apologies?

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