The #1 Reason That Nobody’s Interested In Your Program Or Service. (Yet.)

The #1 Reason That Nobody’s Interested In Your Program Or Service. (Yet.)

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Are you visible?

Can you guess what it is?

Do you know the #1 reason why nobody’s interested in your program, product or service? (i.e. your “thing”)

It’s not because what you’re offering is crap. No freakin’ way. I know you put your heart and soul into it.

And of course, due diligence.

It’s because you haven’t made yourself and your “thing” visible enough.

Yup. You heard that right.

If you want people to purchase, buy, enroll in your “thing,” you actually have to put yourself and “it” out there.

In, dare I say, a genuine way.

Which means –>  STOP copying everyone else.

This isn’t just your business. This is a reflection of YOU.

Now go out there and shine like your life depends on it.

Stop hiding behind your computer.

AND for all that is sacred, STOP listening to the gurus who give you the 3, 6, 12 steps to success.

Now I’m not saying these “experts” don’t have valid ideas. They could work.

But I know than when I play follow the leader and it feels less than genuine, I go nowhere fast!

So how can you increase your visibility in a way that not only are you doing business differently but also that feels right in your heart and in your soul?

I have decided to ask a few of my friends and colleagues but before I share their wisdom with you, I thought I would share a few of my own.

My 3 tips to gain more visibility

Give it away. Give it away now.

Yes, I know that you should have an ethical bribe. A teaser. An optin offer. But why not give them the whole damn cake?  Not just a slice.

Now I’m not suggesting you give away your program, service or product but what can you give away that will lead them to you? Where they will get so much value that they can’t help but say, “Hell Yes.”

A personal note speaks 1000 words.

Reach out to your prospective clients. Invite them to chat.

In lieu of another autoresponder (and by no means am I saying all autoresponders are bad), opt to reach them via personal email, snail mail or phone.  Build that relationship. If someone feels heard and is seen, they will be more likely to buy.

Create a community of comrades.

Don’t forget about your current clients and followers. These are the people who already love you, who stand by you and most likely, have been there as you evolved. Don’t ignore them. They deserve the VIP treatment.

And just to be clear…I’m NOT talking about turning them into affiliates here (although rewarding them monetarily could work). I’m suggesting that you create something special for them. Perhaps it’s a community where they have some sort of access to you, or you offer them VIP status, where you give them first dibs on your services at a special comrades price or maybe you create special freebies just for them chock full of value.

The point is…treat your comrades with love and they will return the favor by sharing you and your services with others. This is word of mouth marketing at its best.

So what did my colleagues have to say about gaining more visibility?

Here are 5 more tips that, in my opinion, will have you standing out in the crowd in no time.

Let an image do the talking.

Lara Eastburn, the social media mixologist of The Moonshine Marketeer believes “that this is an increasingly visual world. The viral and sharing power of an image just cannot be overstated.

So why not squeeze 1000 words into just 800 pixels? Especially when it means you can be at your wittiest! This is your opportunity to be as clever and creative as you can possibly be. That’s code for FUN, just in case you haven’t had any in a while.

How do you “picture” a digital product? With cunning and metaphor. Resist the temptation to portray your offering as a physical “book” or “DVD.” It’s tired AND anachronistic. Think about the strongest emotional value of your product. What image comes first to your mind? Trust your gut … even and especially if it’s “weird.” People love weird. It gets our attention and breaks up the visual landscape of the same ol’, same ol’.

Each social networking platform is a culture all it’s own so I STRONGLY recommend making separate images for each. Use Picasa or PicMonkey to format the image for the varying dimensions of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. And then use them to ADD TEXT.”

When creating images, absorb and remember the Rule of Thirds AND these optimum dimensions:

  • Facebook: 403 x 403
  • Instagram: 510 x 510
  • Pinterest: 736 x any (but longer than square is encouraged)
  • Google +: 497 x 373

I don’t know about you but I will be using more images because of this advice.

Get your geek on.

Amber McCue, Founder, CEO and Head Beauty of NiceOps says that being her nerdy self is the key. When she was designing one of her offerings, she involved her whole family. “We filmed in my backyard… My daughter held the iPhone and laughed at me mid-shoot and I talked back to her. My husband and daughter concepted and named the camp locations with me. That was fun!!!”

I think the real gem in this tip is to not only be yourself but also to bring humor to everything you put out in the world.

Take the spotlight.

Maggie Patterson, copywriter and communications strategist offers this advice when seeking visibility via other media outlets like TV, magazines and guest posting:

“The best advice I have is to just start and break it down so you do it in a way that you crawl, walk and then run.

Too often we are driving ahead for the BIG result, which is totally scary. If you want to do media interviews, start with your local media so you feel really confident when it’s time to do that national interview. If you want to guest post, start out with a friend’s blog or one that’s a smaller audience.

Putting basic building blocks in place can make a critical difference in your ability to overcome fear and build some confidence. It’s not terribly creative, but I think in a world obsessed with the cult of personality and hype, it’s too easy to want to skip ahead to the end.”

Smart advice. It’s all about taking consistent action and putting one foot in front of the other.

Find your groove.

Christina Ambubuyog, a soul seer, psychic, and creativity catalyst says the best way to stand out is to teach via avenues that feed your passion and make you feel alive. Not only will you have more fun but it makes the invitation for you to join that much more appealing because you’re coming from of a place of pure joy and bliss. You can’t fake that!

And in my experience, when you’re having fun, your clients do too! They can’t seem to get enough of you.

Fail like a rockstar.

Nikole Gipps, Founder of That Super Girl (i.e. web and WordPress tech extraordinaire) suggests taking action even if you fail. In her words, “I like to fail fast, to get it out of the way. Once you’ve already waltzed into the room and tripped while everyone was watching, you might as well just pull it off with a smile and keep going!”

I wholeheartedly agree. The key to success is the ability to fall flat on your face, but have the courage to get back up, dust yourself off and keep going. I should know…I‘ve been mastering this technique.

What tips do you have up your sleeve? How can you stand out in the crowd? Share with us in the comments below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Angela

    Cheers to taking the spotlight! (Rather than waiting for it!) 🙂

  2. Katie

    “Stop listening to the guru’s that give you the 3,6,9 steps to success”…SOOOO true, Kimberly! I’ve had the most success with marketing when I’m just my wild, playful, unapologetic self. When I’m NOT trying to sound like mentors, teachers, marketing gurus, etc. I go with what feels most natural and sounds like MY voice!

  3. Leah Shapiro

    I’m all about flying my freak flag high and proud…being 100% me…the more I do this, the more I show up and be real….do my own thing the better things get.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in doing things like everyone else…..following your teachers and mentors leads. I was just thinking how I could tell what biz mentors people worked with because of the pictures on their websites. Or the way people launch and set up programs.
    Sure,…some of this stuff works but it’s up for each of us to find our own identity in our biz and set it up to fit us perfectly. When I can tell who your mentor is…then I question if it’s truly you I am looking at.



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