Words of Love

Let the progress speak for itself…After just 6 months of working 1:1 with Kimberly, this is what I accomplished:

  • I went from being completely confused on how to position myself as a coach & yoga instructor to total clarity and confidence on what it is I do and who it is I serve.
  • Created my ultimate web site.
  • Doubled my facebook and Instagram likes/followers.
  • Acquired around 50 more people on my mailing list (this wasn’t a big focus).
  • Went from having just a couple clients that I didn’t really resonate with to being almost at capacity with clients that I adore and who also inspire me.
  • Doubled my monthly income (this officially happened after my last session with her).
  • Started getting press.
  • Developed a much healthier relationship with money. (And I am saving now!)
  • Went from single to not single! 😉
  • Successfully led a 1-day writing/yoga retreat (with 24 students) and am booking many more retreats for 2015.
Amber Campion

Empowered Embodiment Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

I never thought I’d meet anyone who could keep up with the way I work, never mind surpass it. And yet that is exactly the gift I was given when my path crossed Kimberly’s.

I came to Kimberly to help try to build my savings account. 4 weeks later, I had not only tripled my savings, I had a working understand of everyone’s role in my business, had improved my marriage, and was launching a new program I had not yet conceived when I started working with her. 4 WEEKS!

Working with Kimberly is an investment that will pay for itself immediately and one you will never regret.

Lara Lee Eastburn

Social Media Mixologist

Working with Kimberly was a game changer.

On our very first call it was like she looked into my head and just got me. It was incredibly powerful to see how she could read me like a book using my archetypes and hone in on where I was struggling.

Understanding my archetypes and how to work with them has helped me get my head in a much better place about making money and working with it as a tool. Plus, things are much quieter in my head as I now know how to get the archetypes to work together in harmony to achieve big things.

Maggie Patterson

CEO + Founder, Maggie Patterson Communications

The clarity I received from just one session with Kimberly has made a remarkable difference in my story with money. My ‘AHA!’ moment came almost immediately and I was able to finally move through a blind spot that was greatly debilitating my money making potential.

Kimberly and her work are truly remarkable – I can’t say enough good things – and I love working with her. She’s the greatest catalyst to my recent financial success and I’m so grateful for her divine talents!

Stephanie Jiroch

Founder , VaVa Voom Virtual Assisting

I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable it was to work with Kimberly. Because of her gentle nudging and belief in me, today another wonderful lady joined me in a project that has been ‘in the works’ since November 2011.

I’ve been saying all year that 2013 would be the year I finally got it out there and it’s taken until now (with the amazing support from Kimberly) to actually make that a reality. I understand things about myself and the people around me in a way I never expected to be possible and can not recommend Kimberly and her archetype work enough.

El Edwards

Creator of The League of Brilliance

Kimberly helped me get to the heart of the matter – whatever that happened to be – by asking pointed questions and digging deeper with every answer. Her witty, compassionate-but-no-BS style suited me perfectly.

Her years of experience in coaching showed; we laughed, I cried, and with every meeting found myself further along the path in the direction of my dreams.

Lynn Heisel

CEO + Founder, Rock N Roll Health School