First “rule” of business success:

Never try to build your business alone.

The end result is ugly. It’s like paddling upstream without a paddle. YOU will not get very far.

So do yourself a favor and just take my word for it. (You don’t have to learn everything the hard way, do you?)

I’ve been an entrepreneur (in some iteration) for over 10+ years and the one skill you need to have is RESILIENCE.

It will save your ass every time.

The other thing you need is SUPPORT.

Real support.

Someone who gets you. Someone who has your best interests at heart. Who will never give up on you.

And who believes in you before you truly believe in yourself.

So if you need someone to kick your ass into gear from time to time, and want someone who is not afraid to tell you the truth, I’m your girl!

Here are your options:

One Hour Ass Kickin’ ~ $250

You + Me. 60 minutes. 

This session is perfect for you if you need on the spot support.

Bring to the table your brilliant ideas, your new program/product/service and I will help you see the big picture…making sure you have a solid foundation to build upon. And giving you your next steps for success. 

Feel free to use this session on an as needed basis or to see how we work together before choosing a coaching package.

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Double Ass Kickin’ ~ $400/month

Most popular option. You + Me. (2) 60-minutes sessions per month for six months. You also will receive (3) 30-minute emergency checkins.

This package is perfect for you if you’re ready to challenge yourself and step up your game.

We will start by evaluating your business foundation (a strong business foundation is essential for success).  We’ll then work on building your business from the foundation up through income mapping, setting up systems and processes and much more.

We’ll work together to build a business that brings you profits AND joy!

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Complete Ass Kickin’ ~ starting at $650/month

Have me in the back pocket of your business. 

Enjoy (4) 30-minute calls per week and unlimited email access to me Monday-Thursday to answer all your questions, review your copy, for brainstorming ideas, pushing past limiting beliefs and fears and much more!

Growing a profitable business involves commitment, perseverance and dealing with transition.  Consistent support is essential to work through these transitions, it’s not something you want to go at it alone.

This coaching package is for those who are serious about building a money generating business and requires an application process starting with a phone call.

Note: You MUST agree to a minimum of 3 months. 

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