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Bonus #1: BendiGirl’s Love Your Naked Ass Flow

Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga & Pilates Instructor, has graciously created this 10 minute yoga flow especially for you and your naked ass.

This flow can be done every day but we highly recommend you do it after you get out of the shower and while you are still in your birthday suit.

This is a perfect exercise to incorporate into your daily routine when you need to boost your body confidence, need a gentle stretch or just want to get in touch with your beautiful self.

To learn more about Kristin, go to http://kristinmcgee.com.

Bonus #2: Xen Strength Yoga Workout

Danielle Diamond, Founder of Xen Strength & Certified Yoga Extraordinaire, offers you a 20 minute download of her newest, hottest workout, Xen Strength, which is a fusion class combining flowing yoga postures with light weights.

This workout not only helps you boost body confidence but increases your flexibility and builds lean muscles all in one amazing, kick-ass workout.

To learn more about Danielle, go to http://xenstrength.com.

Bonus #3: Tools for Financial Transformation – Video Course

Bari Tessler Linden, Financial Therapist, Coach & Mommypreneur, is offering you her 4-part video series that presents her comprehensive Conscious Bookkeeping vision in lively, bite-sized morsels of transformative genius.

If you’re ready for a jump start into a more conscious and fulfilling relationship with your money, you do not want to miss this program! If that wasn’t enticing enough, she also accelerates your transformation with therapeutic chocolate remedies.

To learn more about Bari, go to http://baritessler.com.

Bonus #4: Create a Loving Relationship With Your Money

Christy Lambert, Certified Life & Money Coach, has created for you a mini-money mastery program. Her program is based on the premise that habits and behaviors are formed by your thinking patterns, not by your actions. So until you change the way you think, you’ll keep getting the same result.

If you’re serious about changing your relationship with money, you need tangible tools that can help you change your mindset around money, while giving you a framework to take control of your money, once and for all.

Her program isn’t about deprivation, or white knuckling yourself to save more. It’s about creating a relationship with your money that is grounded in honesty, empowerment and joy.

To learn more about Christy, go to http://christylambert.com.

Bonus #5: Creating a Dating Mindset

Shay Banks, Dating & Relationship Specialist, brings to you two very special reports…

How to Get Your Head in the Game While Keeping Your Heart Intact & Sure-Fire Clues that He’s NOT Gonna Commit.

If you are ready for relationships that sizzle and want to learn how to understand the male mind, Shay is your go-to girl!

To learn more about Shay, go to http://shaybanks.com.

Bonus #6: Whole Foods 3 Day Detox Plan

Lisa Consiglio Ryan, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, is offering you an easy, wholesome way to jump start your health with this 3 day mini-detox plan.

If you are looking for more energy, a clear, focused mind and to feel lighter in your body, this mini-detox plan is for you.

To learn more about Lisa, go to http://wholehealthdesigns.com.

Bonus #7: Three Weeks to a Healthier, Happier YOU.

Nicole Burley, Certified Life & Health Coach, is delivering to you the first 3 weeks of her 90 Day Life Upgrade.

You will explore the chapters: Gratitude, Take Care and De-Clutter.

The 90 Day Life Upgrade is a unique self-guided coaching program designed to bring you boundless health and success in 12 weeks.

If you need a nudge to get your life back on track, here it is.

To learn more about Nicole, go to http://nicoleburley.com.

Bonus #8: Create A Brand New Way To Get Things Done E-Book

Melody Granger, Organizational Aficionado, shows you how to get more things done by teaching you the “YOU FIRST” Routine.

This e-book was first written especially for women, just like you, who manage a family & business/career under the same roof.

It offers fun tips, techniques and strategies that you can implement right now that will whip your house into order in no time.

To learn more about Melody, go to http://melodygranger.com.

Bonus #9: My Recipe E-Book “Chocolate Ecstasy”

This recipe ebook is sure to make your mouth water.

It is filled with 20 decadent chocolate recipes such as dark chocolate pudding, chocolate matte truffles, molten chocolate lava cakes, chocolate almond ecstasy cake, raw chocolate, dark chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sorbet and chocolate cheesecake.

It is going to please everyone.

Most of the recipes are gluten and dairy free and ready for your eating pleasure. Who said eating chocolate can’t be guilt free?