Interview Policy

Thank you (I’m delighted) that you want to feature /interview me for your telesummit, teleclass, radio show, Q&A jam session, etc. I do, however, have a few stipulations.

Not to worry. They’re minor and I’ve found that being clear really helps streamline what we expect of one another.

I am willing (with excitement) to…

Give interviews via phone, Skype, video, or written (as in blog posts + book excerpts).

Promote your event via social media. Expect at least 5 tweets to my twitter friends, 1 post to my Facebook peeps, and a blurb in one of my emails.

Give a special gift to your community (chosen at my discretion—obviously it will be relative to your topic.)

I am not willing to…

Promote your event with a solo email.

Share my community list with you.

Design a new freebie just for your event.

Let's Chat

If you are okay with this then I would love to help you. Shoot me an email with the subject line Interview Request or fill it the contact form to your right and let’s chat about how we can make this happen.