Why Hating Your Body Can Derail Your Relationship

Ladies, if you have been loathing your body, complaining about all your flaws and hiding your naked beauty behind the bathroom or closet door, my guess is…

Your negative self-image is affecting your relationship with your partner.

It might be subtle at first but I promise you if you don’t let go of those body hang-ups and unnecessary insecurities, two things will probably happen.

  1. You are going to be miserable for the rest of your life and truly not be able to enjoy your relationship.
  2. Your relationship will suffer and either put a tremendous amount of strain on the two of you or your relationship will end.

You might not think having body image issues is serious but take it from a girl who has been there, done that. It can completely derail your relationship.

Here Are Just 3 Ways Your Body Image Could Be Affecting Your Love Life:

Your Sex Life Is Barely Breathing

What sex life?? I am betting since you are uncomfortable with your body, your sex life is suffering. Let’s face it, if you don’t feel attractive, it is hard to to be naked in front of your husband or partner and it is damn hard having to stare at yourself. It probably even bothers you when he/she touches certain areas of your body that you feel are inadequate, right?

**News Flash**

Men do not see what you see. They see a naked woman standing in front of them. Period. End of Story. They do not see the cellulite on the back of your thighs, or the flabby skin on your stomach, the stretch marks on your hips, or your saggy breasts. They see a willing, beautiful, naked woman who is ready and waiting for them to ravish them.

Note: If you have a man in your life or find a man that doesn’t appreciate all your naked goodness, flaws and all, lose him like a hot potato. There are plenty of men out there that know how to appreciate the female flesh…just right!

Your Confidence Level Sucks

If you hate your body and can’t get past your insecurities, are always complaining about your flaws, your man is not going to want to be around you. Hell, if it gets too bad, he may not even stick around at all.


Men want to be with a confident woman. Now that doesn’t mean you are never allowed to voice your unhappiness with yourself…it just means that you keep it to a minimum and not allow it to affect your intimacy with your partner.

You Are Always Moody…Essentially You Have Become A Royal Bitch

We all know that negativity breeds resentment, unhappiness, sadness, depression and anxiety. So if you have a negative body image, I bet you are in a bad mood more frequently than you would like to admit. I am not saying you can never be in a bad mood. Shit happens but to always be miserable because you are unsatisfied with your body is a sure fire way to kill your relationship.


A man’s main goal in a relationship with a woman is to make her happy. If he feels like he is meeting her needs and making her smile, then he is on cloud nine. However, if you are a raging bitch all the time and he can never pay you a compliment, make you laugh or even eek out a smile, you are in serious trouble because your bad moods are going to cause your man to start resenting you and the relationship and truth be told ladies, this is when your man may look elsewhere. I am not saying it’s right but that is what happens.

If you need some new ways to let go of your body insecurities, check out my guest blog post at shaybanks.com where I give away my 4 secrets that will make your relationship sizzle…Hot and Spicy style.

And if you need more ideas, you might want to check out Shay’s e-book called “Strut Your Stuff”. It is also filled with sexy fun-filled ideas to get your strut back.

It is time to let go of those draining, energy sucking negative body thoughts and reach deep into your soul and pull out that sexy, beautiful woman you already are. You are entitled to an unadulterated, mind-blowing, self-confidence boosting, 100% pure sexy, fun-filled relationship.

What are your thoughts around this topic? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.


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