Has Your Business Lost Its Luster?

Has Your Business Lost Its Luster?

I’ve been feeling off lately. A little depressed. Tired. Sick of the hustle.

Asking myself the important questions like, “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve had several conversations with clients and colleagues that feel the same way.

Unfortunately, the online world is NOT talking about this.

Instead, you are bombarded with smoke-blowing headlines like…

  • Make 5 figures per month in 30 days
  • Reach seven figures while working 10 hours a week
  • Have clients lining up to work with you by simply using this script

I laugh every time I see these because although, in some cases, it may be true, it’s not the norm.

Running a business is exhilarating but it is also a lot of work.

I think Darren Hardy said it best. “95% of the time your work will suck. But the other 5% is freaking awesome.”


What do you do when you’re no longer in love with your business? When you’re no longer having fun? When that 5% doesn’t feel like enough anymore?

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You might think the answer is to throw in the towel.

And perhaps for some it might be. But usually this feeling is a sign that you need a break and a bit of perspective.

When I start to feel this way, I know it’s time to get back to basics. And no, that doesn’t mean rewrite my business plan. Or spend ungodly hours surfing social media.

When I am having a love-hate relationship to my biz, this is what I do.


Shut Down

Clearly, I do not mean fall apart or disappear. When I shut down, I usually go on a technology diet. I unplug. I stop hustling. And I spend extra time on self-care. What I have found is when I do not love my business, it usually means I’m not taking the best care of myself.


Spend Some Time in Nature

Hands down, this is my favorite way to find perspective. Clarity is often found in those pockets of silence. And what better place to find peace than amongst the trees.


Check Your Passion Switch

You did notice I did not say, find your passion, right? Call me crazy but I believe passion is already inside of you and it’s your job to flip the switch. Most people believe they must have passion in what they do. BUT I am here to tell you, passion is also found in the why, how and who. Once you figure this out, I promise your passion will reignite. And you will always know where to go to switch your passion light on.


Learn Something New

When I am feeling stuck, in a rut, or just plain bored with my business, I explore something I have never done before. Over the years, I have discovered painting, different types of dance, rock climbing, taken on fitness challenges, feng shui and immersing myself in the world of essential oils (amongst other things).


Indulge in Some Brain Candy

And last but not least, when all else fails, I resort to a few days of mindless brain candy binging on TV shows like Game of Thrones, Cedar Cove, Law and Order or Vampire Diaries.

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Now it’s your turn. How do you handle your love-hate relationship with your business? What do you do that gets you out of the funk?

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