Which Direction Will You Choose?

Which Path Would You Choose?

You’ve come to a fork in the road.

Now what?

The way I see it is you have 3 options.

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Go left.
  3. Go right.

It seems simple enough. Make a decision and take the necessary action.

Yet, here you are. Staring down 2 very different paths. Not quite sure which way to turn.

I’ve so been here.

So what do you do?

Let’s take a look…

Choose option #1: Do Nothing.

Sure, this is an option but one I wouldn’t suggest. Why?

Because let’s face it, doing nothing will get you nowhere…fast!

This option keeps you stuck on the “hamster wheel of life.” You might be running but it’s in place and you never actually get anywhere.

Unfortunately I have seen too many people stuck in this space.

Think about it…you probably know someone too.

Someone who is waking up in the morning, going to a job they hate, going through the motions for a paycheck that pays their bills but gives them very little bliss.

This makes my heart heavy.

This is NOT a place I want to see anyone. Including you.

I believe that people settle here because it’s comfortable, safe, easy.

But it does’t really lead anywhere. So if you’re looking to go on a journey, option #1 is NOT for you.

But if you want some adventure…I suggest you choose going left or right.

Either direction could be amazing. The key is to choose one and put your faith into that choice.

And honestly, to just  start. To allow space for the unknown to unfold.

That doesn’t mean you should walk down the path blindfolded. Having a loose plan is important. That is how you’re going to bring your ideas to life but do NOT have every minute and every detail scheduled.

You will be disappointed (because things never work out as planned) and that doesn’t leave any room for spontaneity, which in my eyes is the spice of life.

The best part of the journey are those surprises that you never see coming.

But you must take the first step.

And like Jon Acuff said in his book Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters, you must be willing “to be brutally realistic about your present circumstances and wildly unrealistic about your future circumstances.”

So think about where you’re at a crossroad in your life. And make a decision.

Are you going to go left or go right?

The choice is yours. Remember, you just need to START.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Thursday #TruthTap: You Are Not An Option

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Do not sell yourself short.

You can still be a great mom, a wonderful wife, a kick-ass entrepreneur (insert any role here) without having to sell your soul and give up your identity.

Sure, it takes some planning.

Yes, it takes effort. And a whole lot of consistency.

But aren’t you worth it?

I say, “Hell YES, you are!”

When it doubt, always remember this week’s #TruthTap:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][a13_separator position=”full_width” type=”empty”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_single_image css_animation=”appear” img_link_target=”_self” align=”center” border_radius=”3″ img_size=”Full” image=”11114″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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“Your job is to BECOME a priority. Stop settling for being just an option.” (Tweet, Tweet)

Make time for yourself. Fuel yourself with things that fill you up. Light your creativity on fire and bring you joy.

I promise you this: When you’re fully fueled, you will have so much more energy to offer others.

How are you going to make yourself a priority this week? Let me know in the comments below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

It’s Here! It’s Here! My Book Watch Her Thrive is Finally Here!

Woo-Hoo! I have some very exciting news to share with you…

About a year ago I decided to write a book where all the proceeds would go back to a charity helping women rise from the ashes after being abused and/or raped.

At the time, I had no idea how it would turn out let alone be accomplished but I was determined to make it happen, come hell or high water. Of course, there were many bumps in the road. I’ll spare you the details.

Well, today I am happy to share that this book, now called Watch Her Thrive is ready and it is inspiring, empowering and filled with stories around hope, courage and strength that will literally have you in tears and laughter all at the same time.

Watch Her Thrive


Over the course of eighty-three essays, readers will find insight, stories, tips, and heartfelt emotions from unique women who have already found their own power, including best-selling authors, entrepreneurs making change in their industries, and visionaries whose missions revolve around serving.

This book is an enlightening journey that inspires change. I’m so proud of what we have done here.

It is truly a gift. For the reader. And for all the women it will help with the proceeds.

For the rest of the year, all the proceeds of Watch Her Thrive will go directly to Women for Women International…my nonprofit’s hand-selected charity.

Anything purchased in conjunction with the book, a percentage of those sales will go to The Watch Her Thrive Project, an organization build to help women who have suffered from rape and domestic abuse get back on their feet.

Today, as a way of saying thank you…if you purchase a copy of Watch Her Thrive…not only will the proceeds go to charity but you will receive over $1000 worth of gifts just for giving.

Help me make a difference.

Let’s change the world, one woman at a time.

Bucket Lists are Bullshit

Bucket Lists are BullshitDo you have a bucket list?

You know, a list of things you want to accomplish before you die?

I used to but I’ve decided these lists are absolute bullshit. So I’ve ripped mine up.


Because my list was collecting dust. And my guess is yours might be too!

Of course, you had the best of intentions. I certainly did but instead of actually crossing things off this list, I kept adding to it.

It felt exhausting.

This list was no longer fun, it felt like a giant to-do list that was never-ending. Frankly, it just made me feel like shit.

So I axed it!

Today, I decided I’m not going to wait until I’m old and gray to realize how important it is to live life to the fullest.

I’m going to start today.

Because for me, life isn’t about trips around the world, fancy cars and strings of diamonds (although all those things are wonderful).

It’s about finding joy in those everyday moments.

Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman) in the movie “The Bucket List” had it right.

He asked Edward (played by Jack Nicholson) two questions the dead get asked by the gods at the entrance to heaven,

“Have you found joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?”

That’s what I want to achieve. That is my ULTIMATE GOAL.

So, from this day forward…

I will find joy in each day, even if it’s for a second or a minute.

And it will be worth it because it will be one more second or minute of joy that I hadn’t experienced yesterday.

I’m not opposed to bucket lists. If it works for you, by all means, create one.

But if doesn’t resonate with you, don’t wait until you’re terminally ill to do something that matters, to feel joy in life and to love with all your heart.

Do it now.

Talk back in the comments below. I want to hear what you have to say.

Grow A Pair

I’m reading the most fantastic book. It’s probably one of the best reads I’ve picked up in a long time.


Because it’s funny, and I don’t have to read it from cover to cover to truly receive all its value.

Because it offers the truth.  Each page gives me some insightful food for thought AND it makes me want to take action in some of the most interesting ways.

Because on each page, there is a fun, simple diagram or graph that says it all. And I secretly love picture books.

How to Be Interesting by Jessica Hagy is a book that should be on every person’s nightstand.

One of my favorite excerpts…

How to Be Interesting

Set Your Own Boundaries

On time. On attention.

On money. On love.

And defend your territory from those who want to knock down the walls that keep you sane.

My Interpretation:

What makes you interestingEssentially, grow a pair and do NOT let anyone derail your adventure. EVER!

Because what you can offer the world is F*CKING FANTASTIC.

And whether you impact 1 or 1000s is up to you.  And completely your CHOICE.

Never apologize for being YOU!

What makes you interesting? Let me know in the comments below. Feel free to make your own diagram or graph.

Women with Passion: Spiritual & Soul Mentor Marita Rahlenbeck

I’m often drawn to others who are very grounded, walk their talk and have a story to tell. That is definitely why I love Marita Rahlenbeck.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marita through a coaching program we were both taking. I was always in awe of her passionate insight and her ability to read through people’s energy.

She is truly a healer. You can see it in her heart and it radiates through her soul.

Let’s get to know her.

Tell me a little about yourself and your mission.

Marita RahlenbeckSince the mid 90’s I have been on a path of significant spiritual awakening.  At the time, however, I was not as aware of my path as I am now. I experienced an internally loud desperation of wondering “IS THIS ALL THERE IS?”

On the outside it appeared as though I had it all (home in suburbs, two cars in the garage, married, a daughter)… Inside, though, I was unhappy. With that quiet unrest came a revolt, and that revolt took me from my marriage and my safe suburban rambler into the desert of the Unknown. This is where I found myself. And now, my mission is helping that quietly unhappy woman (man) who longs to find herself but doesn’t know how. She (he) is the one who finds her way to me.

The knowledge and tools I have gained over the years have been incorporated into my skill set and are called upon as needed.

I have studied many modalities: Reiki, Essential Oil Therapy, Cranial Sacral, Animal, Crystal and Energy Medicine, to name a few. My most recent path led to Higher Brain Living®.  What I have realized is that as a species we are ready for (and need) something with the highest level of impact.  HBL gives that impact because it can and does change the actual physiology of the brain.  What that means to you is that the change you experience is anchored in your physiology which results in lasting, sustainable change and growth.

Why are you so passionate about this?

The world is hurting, and the people in it are hurting. This hurt is so unnecessary. As I do my work and witness the breakthroughs, the relief, the joy, I am repeatedly reminded that this is my calling.

My job on this planet at this time is to give people the opportunity to step out of their unhappy routine, their robotic life and see the possibilities that when the Light shines on and in them, these possibilities are screaming to be let go and given birth to!

What I do is sacred as I mirror the Divinity of who you are back to you.

When did you realize you were destined to this important calling?

Three years ago. I was guided to undergo a complete rebrand, beginning the process of letting my 11 year old Honoring Earth company go by rolling it under Marita International, LLC.  That is when I was shown a glimpse of the importance of working with people at the Soul level. As I listened to the still small voice of my guidance and began the process of this change I was to undertake, the magnitude, quite honestly, was still out of my vision. Now I know I am truly seeing and feeling the weight of responsibility that lies within my calling.

We are all birthed a little at a time. Each time a client experiences a shift or a life change they’ve been longing for, I am reminded of why I am here. What I’ve noticed is that Higher Brain Living has a life of its own! It is a dynamic, life changing way to step into your Divine Authentic Self with little effort. The process bypasses your ego where all doubt and negative self talk lives. Life organically grows, shifts, changes, blossoms. Indeed, life changes without even asking!


What are you currently working on?

Expanding my HBL practice because this work is too important!  I am also connecting with my colleagues who are National Presenters, open to traveling the country to assist with presentations, and continue to look for people who are called to be change agents during this exciting time of humanity’s evolution to join in on the next facilitator training later this year.

If you had to inspire us in just 2 sentences or less, what would you say?

You have gifts and value within you along with the spark of the Divine. When you need support on your internal spiritual journey, I will help you.

How can we support you?

Make the choice to support yourself and others by organizing a group of people on your team, in your community or organization to come together to experience a Higher Brain Living presentation and live demonstration in your area. Explore opportunities for the possibility of a new career or integration of HBL into your current career or for your own personal growth process. Please feel free to call (952-215-2161) or email me to coordinate an event in your community. You may also visit my website www.MaritaInternational.com.

Open your lens of possibilities…possibilities for a new life, a new direction, a new purpose.